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Latest updates

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In the AquaSoft Customer login you will find current updates for your purchased products as well as manuals and other program versions.

If you would like to upgrade to a higher or more current version, you will also find favorable upgrade prices here.

You will receive the access data for the customer login by e-mail from AquaSoft after your purchase or after registering the software. If you do not have your password at hand, you can request a new password after entering your e-mail address:

After clicking on the corresponding button, the password will be sent to you.

The graphic below shows you how the customer login can look like after the registration. Depending on which product you have purchased or registered, other fields will be displayed und "Your Downloads and Licenses".
You can click on the products fields. You will then be taken to the corresponding full version and the associated additional software, if this is offered.

View of the customer login at

View of the customer login at

The customer in the example has the AquaSoft Vision, so this field is displayed and he can click on it.

Clicking on a product field will take the customer to his full version or license key. It is always the current version of the particular software. No matter if you have purchased a box or a download, you can always download the full version for free in the customer login.

If you own a magazine version, you can find your license key by clicking on the Downloads / Licenses button. Magazine versions are not available for download and are not eligible for upgrade.