Operation via the keyboard

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Operation via the keyboard

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In AquaSoft Vision and Stages you can also access some functions via the keyboard. Many keyboard shortcuts are displayed when you hover the mouse over the corresponding button for a moment. You can also use some typical Windows shortcuts.


 F7  Preview in the Layout designer

 F9  or  F5  Play (full screen)
 F8  Play from here (full screen)
 F12  Display CPU/GPU utilization (full screen)

 SPACEBAR  Pause/resume playback in full screen

Layout designer

 INS  Insert motion mark
 DEL  Remove motion marker
 CTRL  +  M  Calling up manual control

 CTRL  +  MOUSE WHEEL  Zoom in and out
 MOUSE WHEEL  Scroll vertically
 SHIFT  + MOUSE WHEEL  Scroll horizontally

 SHIFT  +  MOUSE MOVE  Maintain aspect ratio
 SHIFT  +  MOUSE MOVE  Ignore grid settings


 SHIFT  +  +  Open all chapters
 CTRL  +  -   Close all chapters
 Alt  +  MOUSE CLICK  Open and mark chapters and their contents

 SHIFT  +  MOUSE WHEEL  Scroll vertically
 MOUSE WHEEL  Scroll horizontally

 CTRL +  MOUSE WHEEL  Change width
 SHIFT +  CTRL  +  MOUSE WHEEL  Change height

 SPACEBAR  Set marker line while player is playing in Layout designer
 SHIFT  +  MOUSE Click  Set marker line when player is not active
 RIGHT Click  on line to remove marker line

 T  Cut at playhead position with object selected
Cursor keys LEFT/RIGHT Move playhead in the timeline in frame steps (60 fps)

 ALT  +  MOUSE MOVE  Move objects while maintaining the distance to subsequent objects in the track.
 Stages   ALT  +  MOUSE MOVE  Move keyframe markers while maintaining the distance to the following marker

Windows keyboard shortcuts / key combinations

 Ctrl  +  z  Undo action

 CTRL  +  O  Open

 Ctrl  +  Y  Restore action

 CTRL  +  S  Save

 CTRL  +  A  Select all

 SHIFT  +  CTRL  +  S  Save as...

 CTRL  Select multiple elements

 F1  Help / Manual

 CTRL  +  c  Copy

 F2  Rename

 CTRL  +  x  Cut

 F4  Expand drop-down list

 CTRL  +  v  Insert

 F11  Full screen mode on / off

 DEL  Delete