Archiving the project

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Archiving the project

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When you save your calendar project in AquaSoft YouDesign Photo Book, it is in the form of a YDCAL project file. This saves the layout, structure, and text of your calendar, but not the images and graphics used. The project file contains only the file paths from which your images were inserted. If these are moved or if the project is opened on another computer, the images can no longer be found under the known path and thus can no longer be displayed.

For this purpose there is an option under Menu / Archive project, which copies the project file and all used files into a folder. Via this archive file you can continue editing your project on another computer where AquaSoft YouDesign Photo Book is installed.

Archivierung erfolgreich

Archiving successful

Archive project

Click Menu and the Archive project item.

Navigate to the folder where you want to archive your project and confirm with "Select folder". The archiving process starts.

Click "Open folder" button to open the destination folder of your archiving.