Available languages

Here you can find additional language packs which you can add to your program installation.

These packages are in various stages of completeness and are being updated continuously. Below each package the progress and the user names of the translators are listed. If you wish we'll replace them with your real name.

If you'd like to help with the translation, please continue reading on our invitation page.

In order to implement an already existing language package of your choice into the program, please download it, extract it and copy the folder with the name of the language code to the folder "locale" in the installation folder of the program. The directories for de, en, es, fi, fr, nl, pl, ru, sl, tr, uk and zh_CN will already be there.

Wenn sich Ihre Programm-Installation im Standardverzeichnis befindet, also z.B. "C:\Programme\AquaSoft\Video Vision 2023", müssen Sie das Kopieren mit Administratorrechten ausführen.

Your AquaSoft Language Team

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