Adjusting the transition

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Adjusting the transition

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Adjust Fade in or Fade out

Adjust Fade in or Fade out

You can change the duration of a transition directly in the Object settings.

If you want to customize the appearance of a transition to your liking, click the Adjust button in the Object settings section.


 Ultimate   Stages  Depending on the transition type, completely different and additional setting options are available.

Adjust the fade-in or fade-out parameters to your liking.

Customizing a transition

Customizing a transition (Ultimate)

Use the drop-down menu to choose from the available transitions. Use the dice icon to display a random transition and modify it or roll the dice further if necessary.

 Ultimate   Stages  You can save self-created or customized transitions using the disk icon. Formore on saving custom fade-ins and fade-outs, see the Saving transitions section.


Random parameters for this transition at each playback


Set random parameters for this transition

Control transition with curve  Stages 

Curve for transitions (Stages)

Curve for transitions (Stages)

In Stages, the transition can also be controlled via curve. Click the mouse in the field with the slanted line to change the transition timing.