Align objects to the beat of the music

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Align objects to the beat of the music

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After you insert the background music, it will be displayed with an up and down in the background music track (envelope).
If you want the change of your images to match the music, there is a special tool. You can create a grid yourself in Timeline. You will learn how to do this in the following.

1 Create timeline markers

Hold down  Shift  and click on the Timeline (see picture below). A red line will appear that you can move while holding down the mouse button. The line goes across your inserted objects and the background music track, so you can use the music's envelope, for example, as a guide when placing the line.
If you want to delete a line, then a click with the right mouse button on this line is sufficient.

Images aligned to lines

Images aligned to marker lines

2 Find beat of the music

If you have a good sense of the pulse of the music, start previewing the presentation from the Layout designer by pressing  F7 .
Now, following the beat of the music, you can set the red lines with the  spacebar. 
When the preview is finished, the lines are set to match the music. You can now align the images to them.

You can also orientate yourself to the up and down of the envelope. To do this, it is best to enlarge the view in the Timeline using the sliders in the lower right corner.


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