Picture frame wizard

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Picture frame wizard

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Picture frame wizard

Picture frame wizard

If you own a digital photo frame, using this wizard you can transfer your photos as single images to the frame or transfer the complete presentation as a video. If you want to transfer the entire presentation as a video, please check in advance whether your frame supports Motion JPEG videos. You should refer to the frame’s instructions.

Export as single images

In the first step, select the desired image resolution. You can find out which one your picture frame supports from the frame's operating instructions.

If you have labeled images, the text can be included. However, the text animations cannot be included. The text is firmly integrated into the image. If your images have a different aspect ratio than the image frame, you can use Crop images to crop the images so that they fill the format.
In the last step, select the storage location. This can be the picture frame, a USB stick or a memory card.

Transfer presentation as video

If you want to transfer your complete presentation with all animations to the picture frame, you have to transfer the project as video. Please check beforehand whether your picture frame supports Motion JPEG videos and if so, in which resolution.
If your project has a different aspect ratio, you can activate the correction by color borders in the next step. This will prevent your images from being distorted. Here you also decide whether music and sound should be integrated into the video. However, this only makes sense if your picture frame can also play music.

In the last step, select the storage location for the video. This can be the picture frame, a USB stick or a memory card. The device or the storage location must be connected to your computer.