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Call up the Video Wizard via Wizards. There you will find two options for burning a disc for the Blu-ray-Player.

1 Select medium

Blu-ray - If you have a Blu-ray burner and corresponding blanks, use this option. This will burn a Blu-ray directly.

AVCHD - If you have a DVD burner, you can burn in HD quality and insert the disc into the Blu-ray-Player. Select this option to create an AVCHD for your Blu-ray-Player.

Select the option that suits you and click Next.

Blu-ray and AVCHD in Video Wizard

Blu-ray and AVCHD in Video Wizard

Burn settings for Blu-ray

Burn settings for Blu-ray

2 Settings for video and burner




Under change... you can select another burner and reduce the burning speed.


The higher the bit rate, the more information is stored, thus the larger the file. Refer to the properties of the playback device. Check constant to burn at a constant rather than variable bit rate.

Smoother video through interlacing

Interlacing saves intermediate images so that certain image movements appear smoother. Should only be activated when outputting for tube TVs.

Correct TV borders

Image borders are added, this is worthwhile e.g. when playing on tube TVs.

Save generated video to

If you know that you want to burn the same video again, save the created video file. This will save you time the next time you burn.

do'nt burn, only create video

Select a location in the item above if you only want to create a video and not burn it (yet).

Click Next and then Create video to burn the AVCHD or Blu-ray.