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Extension packages are available for AquaSoft Vision and Stages, which you can implement in the program. The extensions, just like the program, are linked to the e-mail address you specified for registration. If the extension is to be displayed in the program, it must be registered with the same e-mail address.

All extension packages require Internet access for one-time download. When AquaSoft Vision or Stages is started, the download is started automatically and the components of the extension package are displayed in the program interface.

The components of an extension package can include the following elements:

Sample projects

Intelligent templates






Live effects

Object effects

Path styles and route animations

Map styles


Image effects, masks and frames

Menu templates

For each extension package, we provide a description that shows you what additional elements are included. In addition, one or more videos with example applications are listed in each case. You will also find new tips and tricks for the use of certain elements in our AquaSoft blog. In the AquaSoft customer login, after clicking the "Extension Packs" button, you will find all the packages you have purchased with details of the content and where to find the components in the AquaSoft Vision or Stages.