Maps and animated paths

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Maps and animated paths

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In the Toolbox under the objects tab, you will find the route animation field. There you will find a selection of various objects.

Decorated path

Adds a path whose appearance can be greatly influenced. You can select vehicles that appear at the top.

Simple path

Adds a simple path whose color and width can be changed.


Adds a map that is selected in the map wizard.

Map animation

Add a chapter, in whose first track you will find one of your selected maps. In the second track is a path that can be placed anywhere.

Route animation in the toolbox

Route animation in the toolbox

To use the respective object, drag it from the Toolbox into the Timeline. With the object mapand the map animation the map wizard opens following.


In our video "Animating maps and routes with AquaSoft Diashow 9“ the route animation is presented in detail.


The available maps are provided by OpenStreetMap. Depending on server load, loading the map material may be delayed or carried out incompletely. Then try again at a later time.
If information is missing in the map or there are errors, you can report them here: or correct them yourself.