Manual control

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Manual control

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Manual control is available only if you play back the presentation fullscreen or with the Player (select the output as described in the chapter "PC presentation" ).
It is particularly suitable if you want to carry out a presentation in which you want to comment and switch on individually. You can configure the Player accordingly in the project settings.


The Project settings always refer to the project you are currently editing.

Settings for Player  Ultimate   Stages 

Basic settings for slideshow

Basic settings for slideshow

1 Call up project settings

Call up the Project settings via the Settings button in the Toolbar or via the Project / Settings menu. Now select the item Standard-Player from the menu on the left. This will take you to the configuration of the Player.



2 Player settings

In AquaSoft Photo Vision, only the settings for Display and IntelliLoad are available.

At the Control item you will find the following options:

Forward/back per mouse click

Only when you click with the mouse or use the arrow keys, the next image appears. The set display duration of the image does not matter.
To activate this function, the "Start paused" checkbox must be set.

Note: Pressing the spacebar in this mode overrides the mouse click control.

Start paused

The presentation starts with a freeze frame, it will not start until you start the presentation manually.