Types of template

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Types of template

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The Menu Wizard distinguishes between three types of templates:

Supplied templates are a part of the Menu Wizard. When you edit a supplied template, the Menu Wizard first of all makes a copy. You can save your template as a user or project template. You can find these templates in the category "templates" in the template gallery.

User templates  are templates designed by you that are available for all projects. You can edit these templates as you wish and save them as a user or project template.

Project templates are templates that are available only in a particular project. These templates are stored in a folder that has the name of your project and is a subfolder of where you have saved your project. By default, all new templates or supplied templates that you can edit are saved as a project template.

You can edit a template by selecting it from the template catalog and clicking on the "edit template" button, double-clicking on the template or clicking on “edit” in the template’s context menu.