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Label images

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Text input for an image

Text input for an image

Insert an image. In the Properties area you will find the Text tab. If the Properties window is not displayed in your view, right-click the image and select Properties from the context menu. You can also activate the display via Workspace / Controls / Properties.

1 Enter text in the Properties area

To label an image object, click the Text tab in the Properties area.

In the text field you can enter text and, after selecting the text, apply appropriate formatting, such as font, font size and font color. Under Alignment you can choose from the following options for positioning the text:


Positions the text at the bottom of the selection frame.


The text is displayed in the center of the selection frame.


Positions the text at the top of the selection frame.


Fits the text into the given selection frame (font size is reduced if necessary).


The text is displayed at the bottom of the image. This also applies if the image is displayed in a reduced size.

Enter the desired image caption in the text field. Select the text to change the default font and font size. Use  CTRL + A  to select all the text at once in the text box.

If you want the text to have a certain color, select it first. Now you can specify the color using the color selector (located to the left of the font selection).

2 Control duration of text insertion via keyframe  Stages 

Keyframe track for text animation

Keyframe track for text animation

In Stages you can also control the duration of the fade-in or fade-out of the text via the keyframe track. To do this, open the keyframe track and click in the track for the text animation.
Here there is a keyframe for fade-in and fade-out (if this is activated), with which you can control the end of the fade-in and the beginning of the fade-out.


How to underline text is shown in our blog article "Text unterstreichen".