Operation via the keyboard

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Operation via the keyboard

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In AquaSoft YouDesign you can also access some functions via the keyboard. Many keyboard shortcuts are displayed when you hover the mouse over the corresponding button for a moment. You can also use some typical Windows shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts / key combinations in AquaSoft YouDesign

Page editor vertical scroll:  Shift+Mouse wheel 

Page editor horizontal scroll:  Mouse wheel 

Change zoom in page editor:  Ctrl+Mouse wheel 

Maintain aspect ratio of the object when resizing:  Shift+Mouse move 

Maintain center of an object when resizing:  Alt+Mouse move 

Windows keyboard shortcuts / key combinations

Undo action:  Ctrl+Z 

Redo action:  Ctrl+Y 

Copy:  Ctrl+C 

Cut:  Ctrl+X 

Paste:  Ctrl+V 

Delete:  Del 

Select multiple elements: hold down  Ctrl  and click on elements

New project:  Ctrl+N 

Open project:  Ctrl+O 

Save project:  Ctrl+S 

Save project as...:  Shift+Ctrl+S 

Help/Manual:  F1