Object effects

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Object effects

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Object effects in the Toolbox

Object effects in the Toolbox

The object effects can be found in theToolbox under the Objects tab.

There are a total of 18 Object effects in AquaSoft Video Vision.

In AquaSoft Photo Vision of these, Layout and Sublayout, Picture-in-Picture, Image-strip, 3D cube, Cube, simple, 3D rotation, 3D strip, Film strip and Ken Burns effekt are available.

In AquaSoft Stages there is the effect Observe directory in addition to the 18 object effects.

Unlike live effects, which only modify the display, object effects directly affect the settings of objects. For example, they rearrange images or manipulate their transparency curve. Object effects and live effects can be combined.

Remove object effect

To remove an object effect from your images or videos, right-click the effect in the Timeline and select Remove Effect.