Editing the path

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Editing the path

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In the Layout designer, call up the context menu, and you will find under the option editing the path that there are further options available to you. Alternatively, click on the icon in the Layout designer or call it up by right clicking in the Layout designer.

Options for path

Options for path in the context menu

Hard curve

The change of direction takes place abruptly, motion has constant speed

Soft curve

The change of direction is gentle, movement begins and ends more slowly

Positioning frame

Size of the previous / custom size / scale to full screen

Balance path

Length of time between the motion markers is matched to the distance between the markers, so that the motion path is smooth.

Reversing the path

Puts all the motion markers in reverse order

Flip horizontally

Horizontally mirrors the motion path

Flip vertically

Vertically mirrors the motion path

Rotation of 90° clockwise

Rotates the motion path by 90 degrees clockwise

Rotation of 90° anti-clockwise

Rotates the motion path by 90 degrees anti-clockwise

Rotation of 180°

Rotates the motion path by 180 degrees clockwise

Rotation of ...

Rotates the motion path to any angle

Changing the duration

Shortens or lengthens the duration of the motion path to a preferred length in seconds or percent