Video via command line

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Video via command line

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Save export template

Save export template


In AquaSoft Stages you can have your videos generated by command line call. They are created with presets that you have previously saved as an export template.

Save template
If you don't already have one, first save the presets you want to use to create your videos. To do this, go to Wizards / Burn/Create Video and select the file type, e.g. mp4.
Enter the desired parameters for the video generation. Now save this template by clicking on the disk icon and assigning a name.

The template is created as a vwp file. Via Open folder you can view the location of your vwp file .

Once your project is saved in the form of the ads file and the template is available, you can start exporting the video via command line.

1.Open command line
Click on the Windows icon and type "cmd". As search result you get the Windows command prompt. Confirm with Enter to open the command line.
(Depending on the Windows version, the procedure may differ).

2.Change to the Stages directory
Enter the following command to change to the Stages (default) directory
cd "C:\Program Files\AquaSoft\Stages 12"

3.Start video generation
Stages -encode -preset"C:\...\VideoWizardPreset.vwp" -targetfile"C:\...\" "C:\...\"
(adjust vwp, target file and source file accordingly)
Confirm with Enter. The video generation starts.

Once the video is calculated, you will get the message "Critical errors: 0". You will now find your video file in the destination directory.