Use remote control or presenter

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Use remote control or presenter

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If you want to present your project live, it is advantageous if you can intervene in and control the sequence in Player at any time. If you are not at a keyboard, there are two ways in which you can control the process remotely.

1 Free remote control app for Apple devices

A free app is available in the App Store for devices iOS7 and later. First download and install the app.

Your Apple device and the computer on which the project is located must be logged into the same network for a connection to be established.

In AquaSoft Vision, go to Extras / Program settings / Player / Remote control. After that, start the Player from AquaSoft Vision. You can now switch back and forth via your Apple device.


The direct link to the app in the App Store and more information about the control can be found on the associated website .

2 Control with presenter

A presenter is a remote control that can be used as a substitute for mouse buttons or certain keys on the keyboard. It is usually connected wirelessly to the computer and - depending on the model - has a certain range.
AquaSoft Vision supports MS PowerPoint's common keyboard shortcuts, so most presenters should work without any further configuration to control their presentation. To be on the safe side, when choosing your presenter, make sure that its keys are freely assignable. You can then use the keyboard shortcuts from the program, for example, to control the flow in Player.