Picture-in-picture / collages

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Picture-in-picture / collages

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Creating a picture-in-picture effect in the layout designer

Creating a picture-in-picture effect in the layout designer

Working with tracks is the key to superimposing different image layers So that you can insert more objects in front of a background, which each contain an animation.

So proceed in this way, if you create a picture-in-picture effect:

1.From the Toolbox drag a chapter object into the Timeline.

2.In the empty chapter object insert a picture.

3.Insert additional pictures by dragging these onto “drag here to create a new track". Each image which is to be displayed on top of another image, must be locate in the Timeline under the relevant (background) image.


An example for working with tracks is the project "Quote with image". You will find the project under file / open / sample projects. View the preview on or copy it to paste it in your own project.