Generating a menu with chapters

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Generating a menu with chapters

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With the Menu Wizard, you can arrange your menu with the help of chapters. You can structure your projects with chapter objects. The Menu Wizard takes these chapter objects into account and shows the menu tree on the left side, below the respective project. Chapter objects appear in the finished menu and can be used to quickly jump to a particular point in your presentation from the menu.
In addition to chapter objects, you can define additional chapters in the Menu Wizard. These chapters may include projects or further chapters.

The following steps explain how you can add chapters to your menu.

1.Load or create a new Menu Wizard menu.

2.You can add a chapter to your menu by clicking on the book icon.
A new chapter will appear in your menu tree.

You can now fill the new chapter with content by selecting one or more projects, or a previously created chapter, in the menu tree and drag into the new chapter.
Alternatively, you can select the new chapter and click on the plus icon to add projects. Click on the book icon to add a new subchapter to a chapter.


Chapters which are an integral part of a project cannot be moved. If you would like to show only a few chapters of a project, then you can load the project a second time and activate only the chapters that you wish to see.