Creating and editing a template

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Creating and editing a template

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In order to be able to create or edit templates, the developer mode must be turned on. You can activate this in Video Vision or Stages via "Extras" / "Developer mode".

The Menu Wizard allows you to be creative and design your own templates for your menus. You can do this by using the integrated templates editor.


1.To create a new template, in the template gallery, click on “New template”. To edit an existing template, select the desired template and click "Edit template".

2.Create the template using the editor.


3.Save the template by clicking on the save icon. If you have created a new template or edited an existing template, you will be prompted to give a file name Enter a name, and click "OK”. Your template will the be saved as a project template. You can save your template directly as a project, or user template by clicking on the arrow to the right of the save icon and selecting the desired save option.