Generating MPEG files

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Generating MPEG files

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If you have created a menu, you can export it and generate MPEG files from your projects and menu pages.

1.Load or create a new menu. On the left side of the menu assistant window, click on the item “project” in the project tree.

2.Click on the tab "DVD menu". Here you can insert settings for DVD export.

If you wish to create MPEG files for 4:3 DVDs, select the aspect ratio 4:3. For widescreen DVDs, select the aspect ratio 16:9.

Select the PAL television standard, if you want to create MPEG files for the common European television standard. For the usual in the United States television standard, select NTSC.

3.Click on the button TBr_Export.

4.Select the output format "Video-DVD" and click "Next".

5.Uncheck the box "Burn project" and select the check box to the left of the drop-down menu.
Select "Create MPEGs" from the drop-down menu. Specify a destination folder for export and click the "Next" button.

6.The Menu Wizard is now ready for the export. Click on the “Export menu” button.
The export process may take some time, depending on the number and size of the projects.

7.Upon completion of this export, click "OK".
The Menu Wizard generates an MPEG file for each project and each menu page. MPEG files that are generated from projects are named with projectXXXX.mpg, menu pages with pageXXXX.mpg, where XXXX is a serial number.