Burning a menu for the PC

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Burning a menu for the PC

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Settings for PC menu

Settings for PC menu

If you have created a menu, you can export it and burn it onto a CD or DVD with all the projects you have used it with.

This CD or DVD can be played back on any PC.

1 Load or create a new menu. Click on the left side of the Menu Wizard window, on the item “Projects” in the project tree.

2 Click on the "PC menu” tab. Insert your settings for PC export here

3 From the “Window” section, select of one of the predefined resolutions, or enter your own, custom resolution.
When burned, the menu will later be played back in the resolution that you specify here.
From the "Display" section activate “Show button hints” if you later wish to see the functions of a button when the mouse passes over it.

4 Click on the button TBr_Export .

Select PC menu

Select PC menu

5 Select the output format "PC Menu" and click "Next".

Burn PC menu

Burn PC menu

6 Activate the checkbox “Burn project” and click on the “Burner settings” to select a burner and, if you like, adjust the burning speed.
Then insert a writable CD or DVD into your burner.
Uncheck the box to the left of the drop-down menu and click on the “Next” button.

7 If you have inserted a CD-RW, DVD + RW or DVD-RAM which already has data on it, you can click “yes” when the Menu Wizard asks if you would like to delete this data.
Click “Cancel” if you want to cancel the export. If you want to use another medium, insert it now and click "No”.
After clicking on “Yes”, the Menu Wizard will delete your CD or DVD.
After the deletion is finished, click "OK".

8 The Menu Wizard is now ready for export. Click on the "Export project" button.

9 After finishing the export, click "OK".