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Settings for Sound object

Settings for Sound object

FolderMit dem Ordner-Symbol können Sie eine Musikdatei einfügen oder ersetzen.

PlaySpielt die zugeordnete Tondatei ab.

BinEntfernt die Sounddatei aus dem Objekt (löscht nicht die Datei selbst)

Btn_RecordSoundÖffnet den Sound-Assistenten. Mit diesem können Sie über ein am PC angeschlossenes Mikrofon einen Kommentar aufnehmen. Mehr zum Sound-Assistenten finden Sie im Kapitel Sound-Assistent.

Btn_GapClicking on the icon restores the original duration of shortened sounds.

The following settings are possible for the Sound object:


Indicates the volume at which the sound is to be played. The unit can be changed.

Maximize volume

The volume of the deposited sound is raised so that the loudest part corresponds to 100%.

Fade background music

If this option is activated, the volume of the background music is automatically reduced when the music file is played. You can set the level of volume reduction in the Project settings. To do this, click on the Settings button located at Toolbar and call up the Music settings item. For more information, see the "Music settings" chapter.

Start position

If the stored sound is not to be played from the beginning, you can "trim" it by entering a value at the beginning.

Continue shortened sound after set duration

With this option the sound can be given a shorter display duration, which you can enter in Duration.

Fade shortened sound after set duration

If you want to play the sound only for a certain time and then stop it, you must select this option. Under Fade-out duration you can set the time that the sound may need to fade out smoothly.

The volume of a Sound object can be set individually within the sound. You can find out more about this in the chapter "Individual volume control".