Image list

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Image list

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You can load the Image list under Workspace / Controls / Image list or select it from Workspace / Image list. In the Image list, all objects of the current project are displayed, including the associated duration. You can also display the shooting date and other parameters. To find out how to integrate these into your interface, please refer to the chapter Setting the workspace.

Image list

Clear representation in the image list

You can see the start and idle times of the objects here. For images, the file size and the file name are displayed. You can select yourself which parameters are to be displayed under Extras / Program settings / Image list.

If there is a check mark in the Exif column, your images contain Exif data (e.g. date taken, camera model and resolution of your images). These can also be displayed in the current presentation. In the Variables chapter you will learn more about how to include the Exif data in your project.

In the Image list, the Track column informs you in which track the object in the Timeline is located. If the entry is empty, the object is in the first track. You can always create several tracks within a chapter. You can change the order of the objects here by moving the elements with the mouse ("drag-and-drop").